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Future Performances

None scheduled at this time. Please check back or join my email list below to receive notices of future performances.


Sierra Trails, January 2016 (click for YouTube of local TV Program)



 Previous Performances

2015    Carson City, NV      Songwriters in the Round

            Sligo, Ireland          YEATS 150 Book Reception  


2013    Dublin, OH        Irish Festival  

           Sligo, Ireland     The Yeats International Summer School 

           New York City, NY      Yeats Society  


2012    Dublin, OH                 Irish Festival


2011     Reno, NV                 Walden’s Book Store 

2009     Reno NV        Celtic Forest Show Sep 25th 

             San Francisco, CA   All Soul’s Night Show (with                                                                           Sam Webster/Golden Dawn) 

                Sligo, Ireland     The Yeats International Summer School 


2007     Chestertown, NY      John Butler Yeats Conference 

             Reno, NV                 Walden’s Book Store 

             Reno, NV             Yeats Tonight with Rick    Foster 

             Sligo, Ireland    The Yeats International Summer School 


2006     Sligo, Ireland    The Yeats International Summer School 


2004    Reno, NV                 Walden’s Book Store 

            Chestertown, NY       John Butler Yeats Conference 

                Sligo, Ireland        The Yeats International Summer School 


2003     San Francisco, CA     (with Anne Saddlemyer) 

            Sligo, Ireland   The Yeats International Summer School 


2002     Sligo, Ireland     The Yeats International Summer School 


2001     Sligo, Ireland   The Yeats International Summer School  

            Chestertown, NY    John Butler Yeats Conference 


2000     Reno, NV                 Walden’s Coffee Shop



2012    Dublin, Ireland    Trinity College: Lecture                                                                             entitled  "The Musicality of W. B. Yeats"



"The Musicality of W. B. Yeats," YEATS 150, editor Declan Foley

Short Reviews

"Beautiful songs!" Tony Palmer, Filmmaker, Wagner, 200 Motels, All My Loving, Bird on a Wire, All You Need is Love . . . and many more.


“A new world of beauty and wonder . . .” Blair Jackson, Author of Garcia:  An American Life,  Going Down the Road:  A Grateful Dead Traveling Companion, Senior Editor Mix Magazine.


“Doug Saum is a resident of Reno, Nevada, who has compiled several CDs in which he has put the poetry of William Butler Yeats into song.  His renditions of the poems capture the essence of the work of Yeats.  Many have previously sought in vain to do this, and Saum has succeeded.”  Declan Foley, Editor, Beyond Ben Bulben (Australian Yeats Society)


“Yeats believed that every soul sings a ‘sweet crystalline cry.’  Here is music which has at its heart that clear and indomitable cry.” Donovan Welch, Poet


[Saum] “ . . . is utterly faithful in preserving these poems . . . has a knack, and obviously a passion, for taking Yeats’s stirring poetry and recasting not just the Irishman’s words but his spirit into . . . sounds that variously recall the Celtic-tinged folk rock of the Waterboys or the folky side of Neil Young.” Rick de Yampert, The News-Journal, Daytona, Florida


"Doug Saum’s music for Beautiful Lofty Things demonstrates perfectly how images function as the catylst for other art.  Think of  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead or Ahab’s Wife, or more appropriately in this instance, what Beethoven did with Schiller’s poem". Richard Londraville, Author, Prodigal Father Revisited:  Artists and Writers in the World of John Butler Yeats