Music For Words Perhaps

26 Tracks

Music For Words Perhaps

August 1, 2013


The great poetry of W B Yeats presented in various inspired styles: folk, Beatle-ish, Celt-ish, rock, country, doo wop, blues, evocative and original.

Song List

  1. Broth in the Pot

  2. Crazy Jane and the Bishop

  3. Crazy Jane Reproved

  4. Crazy Jane on the Day of Judgment

  5. Crazy Jane and Jack the Journeyman

  6. Crazy Jane on God

  7. Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop

  8. Crazy Jane Grown Old looks at the Dancers

  9. Crazy Jane on the Mountain

  10. Girl’s Song

  11. Young Man’s Song

  12. Her Anxiety

  13. His Confidence

  14. Love’s Loneliness

  15. Her Dream

  16. His Bargain

  17. Three Things

  18. Lullaby

  19. After Long Silence

  20. Mad as the Mist and Snow

  21. Those Dancing Days are Gone

  22. ‘I am of Ireland’

  23. The Dancer at Cruachan and Cro-Patrick

  24. Tom the Lunatic

  25. Tom at Cruachan

  26. Old Tom Again

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